Cirrus Identity specializes in providing cloud hosted login solutions to higher education so your IAM team can work on other priority projects!

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Cirrus Identity Solutions

Simple and secure identity and access management solutions to solve your higher education challenges


  Single Sign-On   InCommon and eduGAIN   Shared Services  

Single Sign-On

Unify single sign-on for your students, faculty, and staff as well as “external” users.  Make it easy for applicants using Slate and/or alumni using Salesforce too! Retire on-prem solutions like CAS and free up your IAM team to work on higher priority projects.

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InCommon / eduGAIN

The Cirrus multilateral federation adapter Bridge will enable your commercial Identity Provider (Azure ADOkta, Google or others) to connect to InCommonCAF or the UKFederation - all worldwide eduGAIN federations!

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Share Services

Allow access to online services and applications from multiple identity providers.  Great for InCommon service providers or institutions with multiple campuses or medical schools!


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  Social Logins   Hosted Identities  

Social Logins

Applicants, parents, online learning guests or alumni can use a username & password they already have and know!  Reduce support and licensing by not having them in your core identity management systems!

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Hosted Identities

Provide strategic users an account branded to your institution. Great solution for independent researchers and for users that don’t have or don’t want to use social login. 

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Customers Love Us!

Cirrus Identity staff all came from Higher Education IAM teams - we understand the challenges!  See what our customers say:


"Lowered identity management overhead between the university and the hospital system - less support, less licensing - for both. We can do more with limited resources because we are using a consistent way of delivering the service. We gained capacity to support other security initiatives. It opened up possibilities for future groups that would need a more complex access solution."

CISO, East Coast R1 University



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Higher Education Institutions

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Swiss Army Knife

Cirrus Identity Products

Your Swiss army knife of simple identity and access management products!

Cirrus Gateway Cirrus Account Linking

Cirrus Invitation

Allows applicants, parents, alumni, suppliers, retirees or other guests to authenticate with their social login (Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) in  your institution’s single sign-on (SSO) environment.

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Links identifiers and attributes for users that don’t need a username/password in your core identity provider to other identifiers.  Supports one username and password with many identifiers and facilitates the transitions from applicant to student to alumni. 

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Customers can use pre-built web forms or APIs for workflow allowing authorized users to sponsor a guest invitation.  Supports email invitations, claim process, acceptance of terms and setup. Custom data can be included on the web form and API call.

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Cirrus Bridge Cirrus Proxy

Cirrus OrgBrandedID

Cirrus OrgBrandedID

Provides a federation adapter that supports Azure AD, Okta, Google and other commercial identity providers to connect to services provided through InCommon and all eduGAIN federations.  Also supports SAML to CAS protocol translations and converts Slate into a SAML IdP.

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Provides a single identity provider endpoint where service provider(s) integrate with multiple identity providers.  The proxy also supports sophisticated attribute translations required for authentication or authorization.  Also supports SAML to CAS protocol translation.

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An option for research organizations that need an Identity Provider of Last Resort and a solution for users that don’t have or want to use a social login! The login is branded to your institution and hosted by Cirrus.  Cirrus provides user self-service password management. 

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Cirrus DNS Add-On

Cirrus DNS Add-On

Cirrus IDVerfiy Add-On

Cirrus IDVerify Add-On

Cirrus MFA Add-On

Cirrus MFA Add-On

For institutions that have established identity provider registrations with InCommon or other eduGAIN federations or to repoint CAS services to the Cirrus Bridge or Proxy.  This avoids modifying existing federation registration and individually re-configuring existing service providers. Enables a big-bang cutover for a faster implementation.

Used with Cirrus Account Linking, this add-on provides a knowledge based verification (KBV) when a user does not remember their institution’s username and password.  The identity verification process, facilitated with REST-based APIs to an institutional data source, links their institution ID with an external ID.

2-Factor authentication decreases the chance of a hacker gaining access to institutional devices or information by ensuring that a user has a second form of identification.  This add-on provides a time-based one-time password (TOTP) for use with the Cirrus Identity Provider Proxy or OrgBrandedID.


Audiences for Cirrus Social Login

& OrgBrandedID Solutions

Many users don’t require full access to systems.  Maintaining these users in your core identity management systems adds administrative overhead, creates more security risks and can negatively impact licensing costs and the user experience.  Streamlining access for these strategic users is critical to the institution!

Your IAM team is likely spending 80% of their time providing

support for 10% of the users.  We can help you simplify!


The Value of Cirrus Identity Solutions!

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Intuitive User Experience

  • Streamline your login process for strategic users
  • Build and differentiate your institutional brand
  • Eliminate user frustration and barriers to entry

Cost Savings

  • Reduce helpdesk calls with self-service password management
  • Reduce development and infrastructure costs with cloud hosting
  • Reduce licensing costs with fewer headcount in institutional systems

Reduce Technical Risk

  • Upgrades and maintenance managed by Cirrus 
  • Compliance with industry standards managed by Cirrus
  • IAM expertise available to your team

Cirrus Team

Cirrus was founded in 2013. From the beginning, Cirrus has employed higher education IAM professionals.  The complexity of IAM in higher education requires professionals who understand the challenges.  Cirrus believes that one does-it-all IAM solution is a myth!  Cirrus products are your Swiss army knife of flexible, secure and simple IAM solutions!

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Cirrus Identity prices subscriptions for higher education budgets - we offer great value and affordable prices!

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